In this game you will get the opportunity to see famous"Carrot Cafe" which is well-known as maid cafe. Here waitressses and other personel are not only just females but also wear sexy looking and quite unveiling garments that might easily to make you forget what you have come to the cafe in the first-ever place... which works flawlessly for a hentai themed game ofcourse! You will be playing as Satoshi and this interactive escapade is your chance to either change the situation of exploiting sweet nymphs sexuality or... or you will dive into it entirely and enjoy all the delicious things the internal sphere of maid-cafe has to offer! The only problem you migth get in this game is that this is just demo version yet for the time you are playing it we might have the utter version of the game on our website already.
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Elven Conquest 0.1.8

This thing's been in the works since something like March 2018, and is still very much a work in progress. Use Ctrl to skip text. Esc to access main menu. Saves are automatic. Get the OFFLINE VERSION of the game, latest construct, news, pics and help to keep the project alive by supporting PinkTea on Patreon: Or on SubscribeStar:

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Do you want to be a seller in a fairyland? To succeed, commencing from the role of a plain trader to a stock magnate. And fuck all the women in the kingdom? In this interactive game you will have such an opportunity. You see several locations - the city, the beach and the farm. First go to the farm to sow the seeds. Then sleep. Harvest and sell it to the city. Then go to the forge. An orc doll works there. This is a damn sexy and buxom thing. She loves to fuck with people, but before you can fuck an orc in her cock-squeezing poon and round caboose you will have to accomplish several quests to find the vital items. Then you will have hookup with the damsel. Then the positioning of the beach will be unveiled, and you can meet friends of the city. After that, continue to get currency to fuck the buxom Orc doll. Her cock-squeezing vulva wants your fat cock. And then... find out more when you embark playing.

Tags: orc, fantasy, tale, xxx game, quest, porn game
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Hentai Memory

"Hentai Memory" is the game with only ten levels, but none the less, it will to put both your visual and memory to a test while each of these rounds will be an entirely different mini-game that will involve different memory card gameplay mechanics. For instance, in certain rounds, you'll have to locate all matching pairs, while in other rounds, the cards will be presented to you and you'll need to locate specific cards and then memorize their positions. Add in time limitations and a limited number of attempts and you'll discover that not all of these rounds can be solved on the very first attempt. Fortunately, the game will not end in a flash and you'll be able to continue at the same point. As a reward you'll receive a set of stunning hentai pictures!

Tags: hentai, big tits, nude, puzzle, logic, memory card
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Angel Under Prototype

"Angel Under Prototype" is an action-packed arcade game where you will be able to control a stunning anime girl with hair that is green and the many other amazing assets that turn her a true heroine in the most popular genres like shooting, jumping over platforms, and participating in erotic and even hentai scenes! The story is told in beautifully illustrated comics. Enjoy an arcade-style game in which you'll have to go through the secret labortaories to search for monsters that look creepy to give them a fair combat. The ability to read the map can be very useful as you'll need to move swiftly due to deadlines for certain missions. Does it sound difficult? It is because it is!

Tags: hentai, teen, bdsm, monster, action, anime girl
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Sin'dorei Inquisition

The game might appear to be fairly easy to you, but If you're a fan of "World of Warcraft" or at the very least gorgeous chicks with a slutty look, then you must definitely play it. It's also simple that the elven queen is looking to get her fucked and there's nobody else around to satisfy her... nobody other than you! The only thing that is left to do in this scenario is to allow her to be whatever she wants to! However, there are certain choices for you to choose none the less, for instance there is a wide range of characters to portray you in this pov hentai pov scene along with a few other features that are available through the game at any moment. You can also choose the level of the scene and choose the time when you're ready to perform an impressive cumshot that will delight your queen!

Tags: hentai, big tits, parody, fantasy, dildo, queen, piercing, cowgirl pov
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The Bungler and the Witch

If you're willing to travel to another time and place to a distant place where magic is possible, then you can play this game! Since this game is supposed to be an sexually charged one, don't be shocked by how attractive the local witch looks! You are trying to find her so that she can help you solve an issue you've been having lately with women. Moving a bit If you can construct your dialogue correctly, the witch will not just create a magical potion for you, but will also reward you with a specific bonus... The choices of actions and words you will typically choose out of three or two options however they could alter the way the story progresses entirely, so be aware of the choices.

Tags: fantasy, visual novel, magic, choice, witch, cg hentai
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Hentai Mazes

The game of mazes that will test your abilities of attention, concentration and coordination because here your one and only task will be to stir cursor through the maze without touching any obstacles on your way. And even though it can sound quite plain to do the levels you will be getting through are going to be more and more difficult to finish with each new level. On the other side you will acquire awesome manga porn pictures for every concluded round so you will get some time to relieve before diving right into new maze solving! Will you be able to unlock all the pictures that are hidden in these labyrinths? Barely it's possible to reaction this question before you will try to play this manga porn game by yourself so waste no more time and commence playing and having fun!

Tags: big boobs, hentai, xxx game, maze, porn game, adult flash game
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Struggling of Rapture part 2

This is the second area of the minigame known as"Fighting of Ecstasy" which non the less has any improvements in the gameplay process and is going to provide you not only with more fighting motions but using more manga porn scenes also. And as you are playing as the exact same creature made of something like clay your rival will probably be different this time so instead of Mai Shiranui which you have fought and fucked in the first-ever game today you are just about to meet face to face with non other than Kasumi - amazing ninja princess from"Dead or Alive"! Obviously you are able to consider this game series as a hentai parody and even if you are not itno figithing games but you like those female characters then you should check both"Fighting of Ecstasy"!

Tags: big tits, redhead, kasumi, tentacles, dead or alive (doa), fight
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